The Glitterati Gallery x Motif

Spring has been off to a rocky start here in Melbourne. The indecisive weather has left us all a bit disoriented as we transition into the new season. This mid-spring week seems as if the season has finally arrived. As the weather slowly warms, the city moves towards v-necks and light camis, putting away the woollen turtlenecks and floor duster coats. This movement into Spring signals the precious period of time where accessorising is the focal point of style.

I’m so excited to show you all The Glitterati Gallery x Motif content that I’ve been working on. Motif is an up and coming online store where you can buy the latest in jewellery trends, designed by leading bloggers and digital influencers. With styles suiting both the minimalist and the maximalist, Motif has the ideal accessories for all.

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Double Knot

From all of the fashion week street style snapshots, I’ve noticed a very subtle and yet prominent trend. The classic 70s knotted shirt. I absolutely adore this trend because it give off a very relaxed vibe and at the same time, it adds dimension to your outfit.

This 70s trend goes hand in hand with the early 2000s trend of the tied up knot belt. Maybe it’s a bit OTT to have this many knots, but as some wise and anonymous person once said, “if you like it, wear it.” Despite the possibility of looking OTT, I find that dressing in basic monochrome and minimalist accessories helps to relax the look.

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Wannabe in L.A

As your typical aspiring girl with a Pinterest board for a bucket list, I never know where in the world my ideal home would be. Knowing full well that I could only ever see myself living in Melbourne, I continue to make these sorts of decisions that may be irrelevant one day. It’s really just for the Pinterest board. I always find myself grappling between the idea of wandering barefoot, seaside or getting lost in a maze of skyscrapers. I had finally settled on Miami, Los Angeles. The perfect compromise between city and coast.

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